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Rabia basari quotes | Islamic quotes | The Creative Quotes

RABIA BASRI QUOTES AND SAYINGS | ISLAMIC QUOTES | THE CREATIVE QUOTES "You love the world very dearly. If you did not love the world, you would not mention it so much." RABIA BASRI Rābiʼa al-ʼAdawiyya al-Qaysiyya (Arabic: رابعة العدوية القيسية; c. 716 – 801 CE) was an Arab Muslim saint and Sufi mystic and was an influential religious figure. She is known in some parts of the world as Hazrat Rabia Basri, Rabia Al Basri or simply Rabia Basri. Here we have an awesome collection of quotes and sayings of Rabia basari. "You love the world very dearly. If you did not love the world, you would not mention it so much." RABIA BASRI "The lover of God will cry and weep until he finds rest in the Beloved's embrace." Rabia al-Basri "True devotion is for itself: not to desire heaven nor to fear hell" "I seek forgiveness from Allah for the lack of my sincerity when I say I seek the forgiveness of Allah.&qu

Happy Dhanteras Wishes 2022 | Quotes, Images, Wishes And Sayings | The Creative Quotes

Happy Dhanteras

"May this auspicious day of Dhanteras brings new dreams, fresh hopes and different perspectives in your life. Wishing you Happy Dhanteras!"

It’s October and the most significant festival of lights, Diwali, is here. As we know, it’s a five-day festival starting with Dhanteras, 

  On this day, people worship Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi as they are considered gods and goddesses of wealth. 

Today we have brought some special, heart touching, faithful and beautiful picture quotes and wishes for you.
Hope you will like it 😇💯

Share these great greetings and wishes with your family and friends on this auspicious day to wish them health and prosperity.

I wish that your life be always full of happiness, harmony, wealth and comforts. Stay blessed. Happy Dhanteras!

"May your business increase day by day, love and affection to remain in the family, may there be always a shower of immense wealth, may this be your Dhanteras festival. Happy Dhanteras!"

May Goddess Lakshmi shower on you her immense blessings, enriching your lives with prosperity, happiness, and joy on this Dhanteras. Happy Dhanteras 2022.

"May this Dhanteras you be blessed beyond what you expect. Have a happy and prosperous Dhanteras!"

May the bright festivities of Dhanteras bring you bliss and illuminate life, and may prosperity, peace, and health be with you. May this Dhanters end all strife!

May this Dhanteras celebration endow you with opulence and prosperity, wishing you a bright future. Shubh Dhanteras!

"Be it love, be it a shower of wealth,
May Mahalakshmi reside in the house,
May you have the crown of progress on your head, Many congratulations on Dhanteras"

"May the blessings of Maa Laxmi be always there for you and your loved ones. 
May the festival of Dhanteras bring prosperity in your life.”

"May you get prosperity and fortune on this auspicious occasion of Diwali."

"May this auspicious day of Dhanteras brings new dreams, fresh hopes, secret avenues, and different perspectives in your life. Wishing you Happy Dhanteras!"

“May the festival of Dhanteras brighten your heart and home with happiness and fill it with sparkles of happiness and success…. Warm wishes on Dhanteras to you.”

"Wishing you good health, wealth and prosperity on this occasion of Dhanteras! May this year be filled with great opportunities and bring luck for you and your family!"

May Goddess Lakshmi Showers her immense blessing on you and may your life always be filled with love and laughter! Subah Dhanteras!

"I wish that your life be always full of happiness, harmony, wealth and comforts. Stay blessed.
Happy Dhanteras!"

"On Dhanteras, may Goddess Lakshmi endow you with opulence and prosperity. Happy Dhanteras!"

"Wishing you a bright and happy future. Shubh Dhanteras!"

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