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Rabia basari quotes | Islamic quotes | The Creative Quotes

RABIA BASRI QUOTES AND SAYINGS | ISLAMIC QUOTES | THE CREATIVE QUOTES "You love the world very dearly. If you did not love the world, you would not mention it so much." RABIA BASRI Rābiʼa al-ʼAdawiyya al-Qaysiyya (Arabic: رابعة العدوية القيسية; c. 716 – 801 CE) was an Arab Muslim saint and Sufi mystic and was an influential religious figure. She is known in some parts of the world as Hazrat Rabia Basri, Rabia Al Basri or simply Rabia Basri. Here we have an awesome collection of quotes and sayings of Rabia basari. "You love the world very dearly. If you did not love the world, you would not mention it so much." RABIA BASRI "The lover of God will cry and weep until he finds rest in the Beloved's embrace." Rabia al-Basri "True devotion is for itself: not to desire heaven nor to fear hell" "I seek forgiveness from Allah for the lack of my sincerity when I say I seek the forgiveness of Allah.&qu

heartful wishes on Eid Ka Chand Mubarak for all your friends and family members ❤️ - The Creative Quotes

🌙 😍🤲✨ Aap sabhi ko  'EID KA CHAND MUBARAK HO' •  Heartful Wishes for all friends and family members ❤️😊 "Hope You Will Like It 🙂" Eid Ka Chand Mubarak         '😍🤲❤️' "Eid Ka Chand Mubarak To All My Friends And Family." "Eid Ka Chand Mubarak Ho ❤️" 😘Dear Bestie☺️ "🌙Eid Ka Chand Mubarak Ho 🥰...."   Read More : Eid Mubarak Quotes And Wishes   🌙Eid Ka Chand Mubarak Ho....😍 And Eid Mubarak To All 😊🤲💫 🙏Thanks for visiting our website 😊

12 Beautiful And Mind-blowing Eid Mubarak Quotes And Wishes - The Creative Quotes

😍❤️Here are some beautiful, mind-blowing and amazing quotes and wishes for you and your loved ones😘💯💝 😊Hope you will like it ✨🤲 🤲Eid Mubarak 😊💫❤️ 🌹🌹✨Eid Mubarak ho.....☺️😇😍🥰❤️💖 😘❣️🌍🕋💝🤲 ✨💫🌹May Allah accept all our deeds  and shower his blessings upon us🌹💫✨ "Wish you and your loved ones  a blessed Eid ☺️." "Know that Allah is always with you  to help you at every step of the way." ✨May Allah accept all our deeds  and shower his blessings upon us 😌 May Allah fill your life  with endless happy moments,  countless wonderful surprises,  and infinite success! Read more - Eid Mubarak Quotes "May Allah accept all our deeds and shower  his blessings upon us 💫😊💯." "May the blessings of Allah  fill your life with endless happiness  now and always." "May Allah accept all our deeds  and shower his blessings upo

6 Ramazan Mubarak Wishes

Here are some creative RAMADAN MUBARAK wishes   "May the spirit of Ramadan shows us the way to peace and harmony." "Let the spirit of Ramadan remain in your hearts and light up your souls from within." "May Allah Bless You And Your Family In This Holy Month."             RAMADAN MUBARAK "Ramadan is the month whose begining is mercy,whose middle is forgiveness and whose end is freedom from fire." RAMADAN MUBARAK TO All Ramzan Mubarak 🤗

Eid Mubarak quotes and wishes

✨Bakra eid Mubarak ✨ ✨Eid Mubarak to you and your family ✨ 🕋🕌eid mubarak 🤗 🕋🕌Eid al - fitar mubarak 🕋 🤗